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Essential Reading on Personal Excellence

  • Dr. Henry Cloud: "Integrity : The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality"

    Dr. Henry Cloud: "Integrity : The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality"
    When we think of "integrity" we generally think about moral character, i.e., not cheating on your taxes. Dr. Cloud reveals that morality is only one small part of having integrity or being "whole." For example, if you've ever wondered why some people have great strengths but are derailed by seemingly small obstacles, you have just witnessed their lack of "integrity" in action. How much integrity do you have?

  • David Allen: "Getting Things Done"

    David Allen: "Getting Things Done"
    Do you pride yourself in being a multi-tasker or carrying a lot of to-dos and facts in your head? Why? Allen challenges us to use our brain for much higher-order functioning than merely storing information we can easily have at our fingertips. His system helps us to "free up the RAM" that can grind productivity to a halt and run at a level of efficiency most people never achieve. What suffers when our minds and schedules are full with low-level information and tasks--the very activities that make life worth living for ourselves and others.

  • Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz: "Never Eat Alone"

    Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz: "Never Eat Alone"
    By the time you've finished the first 50 pages of Keith's book, you'll be convinced you "don't get out enough" and that being smart has far less to do with success than cultivating enriching friendships for mutual support and fun. Keith also challenges the time-honored maxim of keeping your personal and business life private by encouraging you to do business with those you can soon call friends.

Essential Reading on Leadership

  • John Maxwell: "The 360 Leader"

    John Maxwell: "The 360 Leader"
    Maxwell's latest installment in his leadership series takes a unique angle. He encourages his readers to step up into leadership at whatever level within the organization they currently find themselves. His admonition is: "Don't wait until you are at the top to begin to lead."

  • Marcus Buckingham: "Now Discover Your Strengths"

    Marcus Buckingham: "Now Discover Your Strengths"
    In this addition to Buckingham's best-selling series on leadership and management, he argues cogently that successful people must know their top five skills and he has the assessment to deliver them. With the purchase of the book comes a passcode for an online assessment which reveals your strongest work skills out of a possible list of 33 abilities. Top performers know these areas instinctively and continually "prune" their work activities so that over time they are spending nearly all their efforts in the areas they function best. Know what your five areas are truly affords you with an almost unfair leadership advantage.

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